Bio-Connect is a reliable partner in supplying life science and (research) diagnostic products for many important research areas. However, together with many of our partners and suppliers we believe that cancer research is one of the areas that needs as much as possible support, because almost everyone knows a person who is or was affected by this disease or even has lost someone to cancer.

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Team members

Martin van Santen

When my employer Bio-Connect Life Sciences checked if I was interested in participating in “Stelvio for Life 2017” I didn’t have to think very long. Like other participants personal experiences lie at the base of this participation. In December 2004 my father had to stop the uneven fight against cancer. Thinking back to this degrading process, I feel again the powerlessness, a feeling that I recognized with relatives who lost a loved one to cancer last year. With my participation I hope to make a financial contribution for offering personal tailor made treatments for cancer patients. This in order for others to be spared for experiencing this process and feelings. That “Stelvio for Life”, among others, is a running event makes it extra special to me, because in addition to the many good memories my father also left me his running shoes. Initially running brought me just comfort, but after some time also fun again…

Michel Hermsen

My motivation to climb the Stelvio pass running is that in this way I also want to contribute to a personal tailor-made treatment for people with cancer. Unfortunately there are still too many people that we lose to this terrible disease. Also in my family I lost some people to Cancer. In addition, I think it is also a great challenge to accomplish this ' half marathon ' uphill in a beautiful setting.

Sudesh Sanchit

Since 4 years I am an avid cyclist. In 2015 I have already participated in a Stelvio tour. This mountain has impressed me. What a beautiful nature, then you realize just how insignificant you are as a human being. By our own we cannot do a lot to treat cancer. However if we do it all together, in whatever form, you can move mountains ...! Therefore I think it is great fun to climb this Passeo del Stelvio again. I look forward to September 2.

Huib Jan Krasenberg

My name is Huib Jan Krasenberg (47) and I will join the 2017 Bio-Connect team to raise money for the Stelvio for Life international event. I'm very committed to contribute to the research for personal cancer treatment. In 2002 I've lost my mother after a 16 year long battle with cancer, so I've experienced myself the devastating impact of this disease. And what better way than by doing something I love: climbing this fantastic mountain by bike. In 2015 I joined the Alpd'HuZes team and I'm looking forward to raise sponsoring funds on the Stelvio this year!