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Welcome to the website of  the ‘Stelvio for Life Charity Event’. On Saturday 28 August 2021, we will be organizing, for the 9th consecutive year, the climb to the ‘Passo dello Stelvio’. We challenge participants to raise funds by running, cycling or hiking up to this impressive mountain pass in order to contribute to a personalized and tailor made treatment for each cancer patient.

We believe in individualized treatments for cancer patients based on their own tumor-DNA profile. To enable this and to offer patients a longer and better quality of life, we are raising funds for individualized cancer research. Through our passion for sports we realize this by organizing the annual event ‘Stelvio for Life’.

Unique Event
‘Stelvio for Life’ takes place annually on a Saturday in the last week of August or the first week of September. To facilitate this unique, relatively small and exclusive event, the pass will be free of motorized traffic only one day each summer. Read more.

Impressive mountain
Officially named ‘Passo dello Stelvio’, the mountain pass is one of the most stunning paved mountain roads over one of Europe’s highest mountains! During ‘Stelvio for Life’ we will climb the mountain from the southern side starting in Bormio, a pittoresque little village with a medieval character. The climb covers a distance of 21,1 km and a total elevation of 1,533 meter. The finish line, after 40 switchbacks, is 2,758 meter above sea level. Spectacular! Read more.

Your contribution to the Charity
The ‘Stelvio for Life’ participants commit to raise a minimum of EUR 1 for every elevation meter climbed. This results in a minimum of EUR 1,533 raised by every participant. The donations will entirely benefit the CPCT research. So all the raised funds will be used exclusively for the ‘Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment’ (CPCT). The mission of this Research Center is to identify the most effective treatments for cancer patients while minimizing the side effects. Read more about the CPCT.

Why a registration fee?
Participants pay EUR 50 for the registration. This fee, in combination with the contributions of our (main) sponsors, will cover the organization of the event. This will make it possible that all donations will entirely benefit the CPCT!

Good to know
A large selection of places to stay is available during ‘Stelvio for Life’. Select www.booking.bormio.eu for a listing of suggested accomodations. Please note that there are more accommodations available in Bormio and in the surrounding area.

Registration deadline: July 14th, but first come first serve for only 653 participants!