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About Stelvio for Life

The Stelvio for Life Foundation was founded in The Netherlands on March 9th 2012, designated as a ‘Public Benefit Organization by the Dutch Tax Authority and registered under fiscal number 8514 73 489 and recognised as a ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).

This page provides all basic and transparent information regarding the Event, the Goal of the Foundation, the Policy & Principles, Governance, the Remuneration Policy, Reporting procedures & Contact details.

The event
The Stelvio for Life Charity is being organized anually on the last Saturday of August or the first Saturday of September.

Goals of the Foundation
Goal of the Stelvio for Life Charity is to raise funds for the Barcode for Life Foundation. Goal of the Barcode for Life Foundation is to raise funds to enable fundamental research for personalized, patient orientated cancer treatment, which is based on DNA analysis of his/her specific cancer. Read more

Goals achieved and objectives for 2019
Over the past 5 years, the participants of the Stelvio for Life Charity have raised more than 1,300,000 Euro. With this amount, a number of key goals have been realized. For 2017, the focus is on improving the accessibility and availability of medication, which, although not registered for certain specific cancer diseases yet, could be beneficial.  Read more

Policy and principles

The Policy of the Stelvio for Life Foundation is directly linked to two leading Principles, which will be maintained at all costs:

  1. Every donated Euro benefits the Charity

  2. Personal. Read more

Board & Governance

According to the articles of association of the Stelvio for Life Foundation, there is a Board that consists of at least three en maximum five persons. These persons need to be independent. The board members are free to divide the roles and positions within the board between themselves. The board members are appointed for a period of maximum 5 years and can, after such period, be reappointed. Furthermore, the questor of the Stelvio for Life foundation can be appointed on the basis of a binding nomination by the Stelvio for Life Foundation.

The Board of the Stelvio for Life Foundation consists of Mr. G.P.J. Kuijper , Mr. B. Cornelissen and Mr. J.H. den Hartog. The board has a schedule of resignation. Mr Den Hartog will resign as per 1 October 2018, Mr Kuijper will resign as per 1 Oktober 2019 and Mr. Cornelissen will resign as per 1 October 2020. Each board member can be reappointed by the time that they resign in accordance with the schedule.


Renumeration policy

According to the Policy of the Stelvio for Life Foundation no salary is being awarded to any of the Directors and members of the Supervisory Board, directly or indirectly.

Reporting and annual reports
This entire website serves as a report of the performed activities within the Charity, since it describes the Stelvio for Life's unique narrative. The Annual Report not only contains a financial overview but a report of the event as well. Read more

Contact Details
Stichting Stelvio for Life
Traaij 213

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