Stelvio for life

Unique event

What to expect upon arrival in Italy?

On Friday before the event at 4 PM, all participants and supporters are invited to the Stelvio for Life reception in Bormio. During this meeting we will handout the start numbers. We will also inform you more about the goal of the event and the latest research developments accomplished by the Center For Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT). We will also review what to expect during the climb of the mountain.

On the day of the event, Saturday, we will meet at ‘Piazza Cavour’, a small pittoreque square in the heart of Bormio, between 9 and 9:30 AM. After departure of therunners and bikers (walkers and XXL bikers will leave at 8:00AM at 9.30 AM the local police will escort all participants through the village to the start of the climb. The Stelvio for Life organization will facilitate two refueling posts, the first around km 5 and the second around km 15. The local community will facilitate two nutrition posts, one around km 12 and the final one around km 18. ‘Stelvio for Life’ will have its own finish area on the summit. Here, your finish will be registered (photo & time) and there will be space to relax and time to share experiences. You will also receive a voucher which you can use for a pasta lunch and a drink in one of the restaurants at the summit.

In the afternoon cycling participants will be able to descend back by bike to Bormio. For runners there will be a bus available, which departs shortly after 4 PM when motorized traffic will be allowed again on the mountain road.

Finally we will meet again at our home base at Hotel Nevada in Bormio at 7 PM that night. Time to share some exciting stories of the day and to present the cheque with the total of funds raised for the Charity. It usually is an emotional and heartwarming moment, for the participants, the organization and the supporters.

After the event will be officially closed everyone goes their way, but many participants will frequently return to Bormio…