Stelvio for life

Passo dello Stelvio

The Passo dello Stelvio is a famous, notorious and the highest Italian paved mountain pass at 2,758m above sea level. The Stelvio can be climbed from 2 sides. The northern side starting in Prato takes you through 48 switchbacks; the southern side through 37. The Stelvio for Life climb takes place on the southern side, starting in the village of Bormio. The starting point is at 1,225m above sea level, the finish at 2,758m, resulting in a total elevation of 1,533m to be conquered. The total length of the climb is around 21,1 kilometers and the elevation percentage is 7,1% by average with sections of around 14%. The climb is long, sometimes steep but never the same and the views are spectacular.

A unique and ‘bucket-list’ experience!


Bormio and accomodation
Bormio, the village where the start takes place, can be reached by car over a distance of around 200 km from Milan, Italy. Bormio has a characteristic medieval center. Some of the most interesting and important buildings are the city’s main tower, the San Gervasio e Protasio church, the Palazzo de Simoni which houses the city council offices, and the 12th century San Vitale church with its sleek clock tower.

Bormio is an important and popular Winter destination, for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding down the slopes of the Stelvio. The result is a large selection of accommodations, which is also available during the Stelvio for Life event. Select for a selection of suggested accommodations. Please note that many more accommodations are available in Bormio and in the surrounding area.