Stelvio for life

Will the 2121 edition go ahead?

Whether the 2021 edition can go ahead is a question that many logically have. After all, the developments surrounding corona follow each other in rapid succession. One moment it makes us optimistic, the next it ebbs away. We will have to ‘deal’ with this uncertainty. We hope, of course, that the vaccinations and the fact that spring is coming will keep things moving in the right direction in the months to come. After all, we want nothing more than to be able to go up the mountain together on 28 August – with or without some extra measures!

To give everyone clarity in time, we from Team Stelvio for Life have set 28 May 2021 as ‘D-Day’ (3 months before the event). On this day, three outcomes are possible:
1.    Stelvio for Life 2021 will definitely take place
2.    Stelvio for Life 2021 will certainly not take place
3.    It is not yet possible to say with 100% certainty that the event will take place, but the chance is so high that we will give it another month.

In the latter case, we will communicate no later than 28 June whether the event will go ahead or whether we have to cancel it.

In the unlikely event that the event cannot be held on 28 August 2021. We will move every participant and his or her sponsor pot to Stelvio for Life 2022, just like last year. That will probably be on August 27, 2022. But, of course, we truly hope that this will not be necessary.