Stelvio for life

New Categories – Kids and XXL Edition

To challenge even more people with sports and to support the charity, two new categories have been added to Stelvio for Life. Namely, the Kids edition and XXL edition.


Kids Edition


12 years and up

If you are 12 years old or older and you think it would be a challenge to participate in the Stelvio for Life, you can register.

There are, however, some important “ground rules” involved:

  • You are 12 years old or older.
  • You can only register together with a parent/adult who also participates.*
  • As a child, you don’t have to raise €1533,- but €766.50 in sponsorship money.

Between 10 and 12 years old

Are you between 10 and 12 years old, very sportive and would you like to participate? Please contact the organisation of Stelvio for Life via, the organisation will then determine whether you can participate.

Participating alone as a child is not allowed. We do this for safety reasons. So if you can’t make it to the finish, there will always be someone with you.


XXL Edition


Is nothing too crazy for you? Are you up for more than the 21.1 km and 1533 metres of altitude? For the real daredevils on bicycles, the XXL edition is the ultimate.

If you participate in the XXL edition, you will climb the Stelvio from different sides and you will cover 88 kilometres. If you then descend to Bormio again, you can even put 107 kilometres on the counter.

What does the route of the XXL edition look like:

  • You will start at 08.00 in the morning together with the walkers of the regular distance;
  • From Bormio you cycle to the finish at 21.1 km;
  • You then descend on the Bormio side and after the first crossing you turn right to Santa Maria towards the Umrailpass;
  • You will make a beautiful descent to Santa Maria and then continue to Prato. Important: on this part of the route there is no provision. Therefore take plenty of food/drinks with you;
  • From Prato, follow the road back to the Stelvio. Good to know: On this part of the route there is provision from the ‘Bikersday’;
  • You will arrive at the other side of the finish of the regular route of the Stelvio for Life;
  • Your XXL medal will then be handed out at the special XXL finish in the village square.