Stelvio for life

Partner EW Facility Services went on tour for a week for Stelvio for Life

Last Friday, 16 April at 8 a.m., the starting signal was given for EW on Tour. A sporting competition organised by EW Facility Services. Employees of the facility services provider competed with each other in teams for a week to cover as many kilometres as possible. In doing so, they collected money for charity. For every kilometre covered, EW Facility Services donates 1 euro to Stelvio for Life. Today, the Tour reached its apotheosis with a total of 7288 euros raised. A wonderful result.

Working together, meeting each other and having fun


In times of working from home and partially closed locations, it is a challenge to keep the connection between colleagues and with the organisation. An issue that every organisation has had to face in the past year, including EW Facility Services. Bas Cornelissen, Managing Director, explains: “Based on our culture values ‘Together’ and ‘People-focused’, we attach great value to strong connections between colleagues and with our clients and suppliers. Working together, meeting each other and doing fun things are certainly part of that. That’s why a group of colleagues came up with EW on Tour. A sporting competition for everyone who works for us, with which we also collected money for charity.”

Participation overwhelming


Immediately after the starting signal, the internal communication platform ‘H.appy’ of the facility services provider exploded. Every day, enthusiastic colleagues posted numerous photos of their tour of the country. In the first few days, hundreds of kilometres were covered. The participants also visited locations of clients and suppliers. In this way, the participants were also able to connect with these relations and at the same time contribute in a fun way to a nice donation to Stelvio for Life.



Because of the distribution throughout the country, the teams started and finished in their own region, but at a central moment. Participants could decide for themselves how they wanted to reach the finish line, as long as it was in a sporty way. This call was heeded en masse, from cycling, walking and running to boot camps, inline skating, scootering, canoeing, disc golf and horse riding. In total, 20 types of sports were practised, no fewer than 550 employees took part and together they visited 308 clients and relations.



New tradition born?


Cornelissen: “We are overwhelmed by the success of this campaign. I am proud of everyone who took part and delighted with the pleasure and energy it gave everyone. A big compliment is also due to the team that put this campaign together in the last few weeks. Whether it will become an annual event remains to be seen, but whether it will be EW on Tour again or if we come up with something new, we will keep the fun going!”


[Bron: EW Facility Services]