Stelvio for life

Partnership OneSwitch – One Switch brings you top-fit at the start

We are pleased to announce One Switch as a new partner. One Switch specialises in making people fitter and more vital in specific sports. Their original specialisation is equestrian sports. With the partnership with Stelvio for Life, cycling and running, in which One Switch also has the necessary experience, also come into scope.

Getting ready

Could you use some help on your journey to the top? One Switch will prepare you to conquer the Stelvio with a dedicated programme. Alone or in a group/team context. What’s more, One Switch donates a proportion of the fee for each Stelvio participant that uses their services to Stelvio for Life. This way, the knife cuts both ways.

If you know any potential participants who are unsure whether they can make it up the mountain, please tell them about One Switch ( Climbing the mountain will then just work!

One Switch is pleased to introduce himself below.

Hello sporty people,

We are One Switch! We are a partner of the wonderful charity Stelvio for live and we are very proud of it. We are a company specialised in making people fitter and more vital in specific sports. Especially in equestrian sports.

If you are an aspiring athlete and you need personal guidance, tailored to your capabilities and goals, with a professional trainer watching you closely, Personal Training/training with our app is the best choice. This form of training is fully adapted to your level and goals, so you can get the most out of your efforts and make rapid progress towards your objective. Even if you are struggling with injuries, we can (in addition to a doctor or physio) work with you and create programmes that are completely personalised. That is the beauty of customisation!

Our goal is to support Stelvio for life in making people fitter so they can climb the Stelvio! We will also do our best to raise as much money as possible for Stelvio for life.

We like to help companies to make their employees fit and vital to climb the Stelvio and in the mean time we support them to maintain a responsible lifestyle. So less absenteeism!

We look forward to seeing and talking to you!

With sportive greetings,
Janneke den Otter
Gaby Abbas
Cees Onink