Stelvio for life


Getting sponsors, how do you do it?

€ 1.533,- is quite an amount, and in order to help you on your way we have compiled the following ideas. You can take these ideas and in a creative way make them your own. You can of course ask your friends, family, and business relations to deposit an amount on your personal account. Curious? Read the ideas below.

Wine offer

Together with a local wine distributor, a team chose two sorts of wine (white and red) of superb quality. The bottles could be ordered via the team’s own website. The wine distributor provided the wine at purchase price. The difference between the purchase and sale price was 3 euro per bottle. Whilst this does not seem to be much, the team sold 1.500 bottles, which meant they collected 4.500 euro.

Spinning marathon

Almost every cyclist goes to the gym during the winter with his/her cycling friends. In cooperation with the gym, it was easy for the team to organize a spinning marathon. Every participant could choose for a time of between 1 and 4 hours during an evening, with a fee of around 10 euro per hour. You take care of the format, spinning instructors, music (DJ) and of course lots of cake, bananas and sports drinks. These are nice, fun evenings in which money is being ‘cycled’ together.


Do you go out for dinner often? Ask a restaurant to join in, and help organise a special benefit dinner. During this evening, people could pay for a 3 course meal for a pre-arranged fixed price. The difference between the purchase price for all products and the cover price is for the charity. The beverage consumption can possibly go to the restaurant, but perhaps if your relationship with the restaurant is so good, that you could get this amount deposited as well.

Water Carafe

In many restaurants, water carafe’s are free. Why not ask your favourite restaurant if they would be interested in participating in a carafe offer. The restaurant would charge, if a carafe of water is orederd, 1 euro for example. A card is attached to the carafe with the following message: This water carafe costs you 1 euro. The total collected from this action will be paid out to Stelvio for Life on behalf of …. who will be cycling the Stelvio Pass. This offer can easily go on for 6 months, and this way you could collect funds without much effort.

Cookie offer

With the help of a well known bakery, an Easter action was developed. The bakery provided (free of charge) easter cookies (gevulde koeken). You design your own forms that allow people to sign up, with a set cut off of around 1 week before you plan to pick them up and deliver them. At which time you provide the bakery with the order forms, and pick up the cookies on the agreed date. Then it is just a matter of delivering, don’t forget to have everyone pay in advance.


A participating team decided to take fur, and sow it into small balls and attach them to key ring with a small tag which was ingraved with the text: I support Stelvio for Life. They then sold them for 7,50 euro each, a small price to pay. In total they sold 45. A lot of work but a fun creative idea.

Horse gift buckets

If you happen to be a member of a riding club, perhaps this is an idea for you. In december everyone struggles with finding that original gift for the holidays. The local riding shop of one of the teams had a nice idea. They filled buckets, with an assortment of horse gifts (licking stones, horse candy, brush, hoof scraper, elastic bands, etc.) and a gift certificate for 7,50. The buckets were then put on sale for 15 euro each. The total value of the bucket was around 25 euro. Everything was provided for by the riding shop. The riding shop had a wonderful december action and the team was 300 euro richer.

Bottle collecting

At your local supermarket, there is often the opportunity to hang up a leaflet with your message at the bottle collection point over the course of a couple of weeks in order encourage people to donate their “bottle receipt”. There are even some machines that have screens which allow you to display your message digitally. There is often a waiting list for the machine, so arrange this timely. A very easy idea, with little effort which collects quite a tidy sum.

Give a course

Are you quite handy? Do you have a skill that you could teach others? Why not consider giving an evening course, or ask someone you know well to do this for you. We have, in the past years, given christmas workshops. This involves simply gathering together a group of people, in a living room, making wonderful decorations. The materials were provided, or gifted. It does require quite a lot of preparation, but the result at the end is wonderful and at the end of each evening 250 euro had been collected.


The christmas period is a time when a lof of people are getting creative, and are busy crafting. Are you handy, then perhaps look around for the latest trends and make your own variation on this. Many people are prepared to buy nice products in support of charities. They support your goal, but at the same time get something in return. Last winter we sawed a lot of christmas trees from reclaimed wood. Lighting was then built into these, and offered to their new owners for 27,50 each.


Team Marechaussee came with the idea to sell very popular drinking bottles. For 10 euros people were able to buy a water bottle that you can add fruit or herbs to. The bottles were printed with the logo of the Koninklijke Marechaussee and Barcode for Life. A true collectors item, the bottles (400 in total) were sold out within 1 week.


Friends and family were asked if they would be willing to part with “cherished” items for a fleamarket. At the Ijmarkt in Amsterdam a stall was rented, it was made clear that the total amount collected would be given to charity. To do this a deal had to be made for part of the stall rent. This was accomplished, with the deal being that a pamphlet would be hung up on the stall which explained that the stall was gifted by the organisation (this meant the first 70 euro was already in the bag). There was also a call out done on social media to highlight the action (free pickup, etc). There was a fantastic amount of reponse. The items were brought, sorted and then sold. The rainy saturday at the market not only raised 700 euro for the team but was also a really fun experience.

Sale of goods

  1. Received from a bike manufacturer, 2 wonderful girl bikes. Sold via the local bike shop. They assembled the bikes and sold them with a guarantee. The total earnings went Stelvio for Life.
  2. Bike carriers that were gifted by a large distributor, the carriers were sold via Marktplaats and the total went to Stelvio for Life.
  3. Of course you can sell anything to friends and family, but Facebook and Marktplaats are great ways to reach a wider public.

Anniversary gift

Are you giving yourself a big party, or is some doing this on your behalf? A Stelvio team was fortunate enough to have been invited to a friends wedding party. They added the Stelvio team to their gift list. The donations began pouring in, from people the team members didn’t even know. A fantastic idea!

Restaurant at work

Ask at the restaurant at your work if you could sell Stelvio cookies, of if they could perhaps offer a special Stelvio sandwich once a month. The price of the sandwich is just a bit higher than normal. The difference can then be paid out to the account of your team. If you work for a large company, this could turn quite a tidy profit.

Scavenger hunt

Sometimes cycling isn’t your only passion. One of the participants of Stelvio for Life, organizes and participates in scavenger hunts (by car). He organized a scavenger hunt for a large car manufacturer. The manufacturer paid to the account of the paticipant 1.533 euro for arranging the scavenger hunt. Of course many hours of work and preperation go into this kind of hunt, but these were done with much enjoyment.


Do you give lessons of a sporting nature? Then think about giving an extra training in a special location. One participant gave a number of evening crosstrainings (horse) at an external location. The land owner paid the fee for one night, the instructor gave the lesson free of charge. The other evenings were paid to the instructor and the land owner. This way everyone benefited.

Charity concert

Everyone has a kind member of the family or friend of the family who is at familiar with the music world. Why not ask them to give a garden concert in your own garden? You can then arrange for an article/advert in the local paper, awareness in the area and the refreshments. You will soon have a garden full of people, and a nice collection for charity.

Bake a cake

An all time favourite, bake an apple or nut cake and sell this for charity. Put the cake on Facebook, and before long your little cake store will be selling out like hot cakes.