Stelvio for life

Do you also want to train for Stelvio for Life and climb the Stelvio-pass in this unique outfit?

Do you want to train (it) unique apparel and soon climb the Stelvio?

Again, for the second year, the Foundation Stelvio for Life presents in cooperation with Micio creative Bike- & runwear unique outfits, jogging and hiking clothes. Micio has created for you a stylish design that the color scheme of black with Italian blue stands out well. Because “Stelvio for Life” is clearly visible, the charity gets the attention it deserves. By training in this clothing can increase brand awareness Stelvio for Life. The Italian manufacturer of cycling clothing, ensures a good fit and excellent quality. The running and walking clothing comes from Belgium and a ditto fit and quality.

Due to many requests this year we have expanded the range of jackets and accessories. Also, you can now choose from a shirt with or without impression possible.


Do even more unique apparel!

By choosing a shirt imprinted possibility you fall even more. You can think of pressing your own name, team name or logo of sponsor (s). After your order micio will contact you to discuss your wishes impression.

What is your size?

You can check using dimension tables which size you need

> Cycling clothing size chart

> Sizechart running / hiking clothes

You can also customize clothing?

Micio has fitting models in outfits, jogging and hiking clothes from XS to 8XL for adults. This fitting clothes you can pick up by appointment between 15.00 and 17.00 and return the next day between 9:00 and 11:00. To pick up the fitting clothes can make an appointment with Micio creative Bike- & runwear in Leusden (06-229374 79, Monday / Friday available between 9:00 and 17:00).

What is the delivery time?

Every 1st of the month (November / June) an order goes out. Is your payment within that time then goes your order, and your clothing is ± 8 to 10 weeks later inside. In spring (February to / May) the delivery of your order can be ± 10 to 12 weeks.

How do you get delivered the clothes?

The clothes and accessories you can pick up at Micio on Bedrijfsweg 14 in Leusden. It is also possible, to shipping, the dress to receive by post. The choice of delivery you specify when ordering.

Customized clothing?

Click here to go directly to the shop, so you can quickly in this unique clothes off!