Stelvio for life

Taskforce Stelvio Mio

Behind the scenes, a task force has been set up under the name Stelvio Mio (which can be translated as both ‘my Stelvio’ and ‘Stelvio: 1 million euros’. The goal of this task force is to organise our event in such a way and involve parties in such a way, that we can sustainably put the dreamed amount of € 1 million on the cheque, year in, year out. A number of plans are currently being worked out in order to achieve this. These include sponsorship packages for participating companies and ‘suppliers’ and a new Stelvio for Life app and website. The app will be the leading communication tool and the website will have a more supporting function. In short, there are plenty of plans and ambitions. In combination with the fact that we all yearn for events like our Stelvio for Life, we are convinced that we can succeed in realising this ambition together with you!